Bring Me A Book's mission is to strengthen the language and literacy skills of underserved children. 

Bring Me A Book is busy incubating new partners to create even greater opportunities for book access! We have activated a partner affiliate network that will continue our direct service programming and partnerships with schools and community partners throughout the Bay Area, in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Florida and Hong Kong!

What’s New! For Parents For Educators

Bring Me A Book Foundation is Launching a New Website -- AND new ways to get books books and more books into the hands of under-resourced kids!

2015 is an exciting year for Bring Me A Book.  

In the Bay Area, we are honoring the founding intention of Bring Me A Book -- to deliver quality, age-appropriate, new books to children, families and classrooms in need.  

Here is how we are embarking on this journey of growth and change:

Kerry Enright, Interim Executive Director of Bring Me A Book Foundation, has been busy working with the BMAB Board of Directors to move through a major transition to both launch a local affiliate (see below) and to focus efforts to incubate new programs for book access.  We will activate a partner affiliate network that will continue our direct service programming and grow our partnerships with schools and community efforts.

We recently launched Literacy Lab, whose mission is to create connected and interactive early learning environments for under-resourced children, by deploying books, digital content, and blended learning solutions for early learners, their caregivers and educators. In the Bay Area, Literacy Lab will take on continued delivery of the Bookcase Library, First Teacher Workshop, and Take Home Books Programs, as well as expand the Digital4Literacy Initiative through the Google Bay Area Impact Challenge. 

Other current partners and affiliates:

Bring Me A Book, Los Angeles County/Southern California, led by Dale Petrulis and her amazing team, are busy implementing an initiative focused on communities where the elementary schools are not meeting their current grade level benchmarks.  They have some very exciting partnerships ahead this year, specifically with USC.

Bring Me A Book St. Louis: a timely and critical response to help bring a community together, under the leadership of our St. Louis Director, Joseph Goldkamp, commenced  a pilot program this winter with 2 schools. This year is all about expansion for Joe and his team, as they sign up even more partner schools and get books into the hands of kids who desperately need them! 

Michaelin and Dave Watts lead the way in Franklin County, Florida, continuing years of successful book distribution.

Pia Wong heads our efforts in Hong Kong -- and met with us in NY for our Regional Directors meeting in January, 2015!


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