Bring Me A Book: Los Angeles

BMAB Southern California provides resources, training and support for children, teachers, parents and guardians/caretakers living in at-risk communities. We promote guided literacy and learning activities, language and skill development. BMAB's professional development for teachers and staff expands and enhances parent engagement and bonding with their child. 

The Bring Me A Book Southern California strategy is straight-forward:  to implement a “One Neighborhood At A Time” saturation program that targets high need communities identified by the California First 5 Commission, First 5 LA, and LA Universal Preschool as communities with critical need for preschool, early learning, and parent resources.  BMAB Southern California also focuses on high-need elementary schools: Transition Kindergarten, Kindergarten and first through third grades. The program is both a community service in the Greater Southern California area and an expansion of the existing BMAB California program initiative. 

BMAB- Southern California provides the fundamental programs developed by BMAB - Bookcase Libraries, First Teachers and Take Home Books.  They also offer professional development and coaching for early childhood teachers, assistants and staff.

Southern California BMAB has had incredible success implementing BMAB programs. 

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— Bring Me A Book

Between 2007 and 2015, Bring Me A Book SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA has:

  •  Provided 546 bookcase libraries to 546 classrooms in underserved classrooms serving at-risk children, thereby upgrading these classrooms to meet State & Federal literacy/resource access standards.
  • Exposed over 61,000 children to 17, 075 books that they would not have had, building background knowledge, vocabulary, shared family reading experiences and early literacy skills, and further, preparing them for kindergarten learning, an important step in meeting third grade level reading proficiencies.  
  • Since 2012, provided 175, 30-week Take Home Book Program sets to classrooms, including 43 sets to the home visiting teachers in all of the L.A. County Office of Education Early Head Start Delegate Agencies, 115 sets for Transition Kindergarten in LAUSD classrooms totaling access to 13,240 books with guided activities and prompts for parents and children to share at home, impacting 9,930 children and adults participating in the Take Home Book Program.  So far, 91 additional sets of 30 Take Home Book sets of thirty bags have been ordered to begin the 2015-2016 school year)

Donors who generously support Bring Me A Book: Southern California:


  • Liberty Tax Foundation/Una Familia Sin Fronteras Foundation
  • Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
  • Swain Barber Foundation
  • Target Corporate Foundation
  • Adam's Legacy Foundation
  • California Community Foundation
  • Earl and Loraine Miller Foundation
  • John W. Carson Foundation
  • Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation

Our 2015 Community Program Partners

Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE)

First 5LA, Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP)

Los Angeles Unified School District 

Long Beach Unified School District

Special Needs Total Learning Center

LBUSD Head Start and Early Head Start

Comprehensive Child Development


Un Mundo de Amigos
Preschool Without Walls / So. Bay Counseling Center

California State University Dominguez 

Pomona Early Head Start


The Castle
Friendship Centers Wilmington and Torrance
Volunteers of America


ABC Unified School District

Hawthorne, Lennox, Lawndale Redondo Beach, Paramount, 
and Bellflower Unified School Districts 

Para Los Niños

Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

Young Horizons

YMCA Greater Long Beach Early Childhood Education