BMAB has developed five programs designed to enhance pre-literacy skills and to prepare children for kindergarten:

  1. Book Give Aways for Home & School
  2. Bookcase Library
  3. First Teachers Parenting Workshops
  4. Take Home Book Program
  5. Book Buddies
  6. Professional Development and Coaching

All BMAB programs are research-based, and matched to site, program, state, and federal accountabilities.

Please visit affiliates and offices pages to see which of our programs are offered near you.


  • Address early educational inequities by providing a complete library of quality books for preschools currently not meeting ECRS-R and DRDP literacy and reading compliance; 
  • Engage children with books and stories to which they would not have otherwise been exposed;
  • Help children gain knowledge of phonemes in an interesting context, allowing them to enter kindergarten  confident, enthusiastic, and ready to continue building literacy skills
  • Increase the likelihood that preschool teachers will conduct read aloud story times
  • Instruct teachers and parents about overcoming the unique challenges facing ESL students
  • Provide opportunities for parents to improve their own English reading skills
  • Introduce families to local libraries and helps them overcome reluctance or fear about using libraries;
  • Build background knowledge and vocabulary to address a significant gap that exists for children living in poverty

Our regional offices and affiliates provide these innovative programs.  Bring Me A Book headquarters focuses on delivering quality, age-appropriate, books to children, families and classrooms in need through external nonprofit networks, thereby reducing our overhead without reducing our ability to provide quality books.