Dan Feigelson

Promote a Love of Reading Through Book Talk— and Careful Listening


Dan Feigelson is a national and international literacy consultant who has traveled the globe leading institutes, workshops, and lab-sites on the teaching of reading and writing. An early member of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, he worked for decades in New York City public schools as a teacher, staff developer, curriculum writer, principal, and local superintendent. A regular presenter and keynote speaker at national and international conferences, Dan is the author of Reading Projects Reimagined: Student-Driven Conferences to Deepen Critical Thinking (Heinemann); Practical Punctuation: Lessons in Rule Making and Rule Breaking in Elementary Writing (Heinemann); and the forthcoming Radical Listening: Individual Reading and Writing Conferences as Equity Work, Grades 2–8 (Scholastic). Aside from his work with teachers, children, and schools, Dan is passionate about jazz and gardening. He lives in New York City and the Hudson Valley.