Judy Wallis

Making the Connection: Books and Readers


Judy Wallis’ name is well known. Once described as one of the best language arts directors in the country, she has devoted her professional life to teaching and teachers. After serving as a teacher and literacy coach, she directed the PreK–12 language arts programs in two large school districts for over 20 years, working with literacy coaches, teachers, and principals. She has authored chapters and articles in a number of books and journals and co-authored The Blue Pages in Regie Routman’s Conversations and Comprehension Intervention with Steph Harvey and Anne Goudvis. Knowing that success is best achieved through systemic and embedded professional development, Judy has devoted her professional career to ensuring teachers and administrators have access to the very best resources and professional development. She has encouraged and supported thousands of teachers and coaches in their classroom work, often serving as a demonstration teacher and mentor. Those who have worked with Judy over the years say she inspires teachers and administrators to create exemplary programs that produce high student learning and performance. As a speaker at national conferences, literacy consultant, workshop presenter, and university adjunct, Judy has spent the past 13 years working alongside teachers at all levels to develop exemplary literacy instruction.