Choosing Quality Diverse Literature


 Julia López-Robertson is a Professor in the Department of Instruction and Teacher Education at the University of South Carolina. She completed her Ph.D. in Language, Reading, and Culture at the University of Arizona. A former early childhood bilingual classroom teacher, her research focuses on the intersections among language, race, ethnicity, and culture as they relate to the teaching and learning of English Learners and their families, and in preparing teachers for diverse classrooms. Julia’s scholarly agenda is built on a commitment to working with children, families, teachers, and pre-service teachers in public schools, universities, and communities for the purpose of advancing understandings about emerging bilingual/ multilingual students and their families, and on the transformation of teacher education to support equitable teaching for all children, particularly English Learners. 

Julia’s research has been published in leading national and international journals: Language Arts, Bilingual Research Journal, The Dragon Lode, and the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education among others. Her recent book Celebrating Our Cuentos: Choosing and Using Latinx Literature in Elementary Classrooms highlights the importance of infusing our classrooms with literature by a range of Latinx authors and illustrators—voices that reflect our students’ experiences and provide a window into the cultures of people from Spanish-speaking countries and communities.