Madeline Boskey

Raising Lifelong Readers From the Start


Madeline is a developmental psychologist committed to the joy of reading and learning. During her graduate school years, Madeline studied language acquisition and cognitive development. Always interested in young children’s urge to be connected, her dissertation explored how toddlers maintain their part in conversations and play by making meaning from the context of their interactions.

Madeline’s career began at Children’s Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop)—the home of one of the best exemplars of joyful learning. There she directed the editorial research for the content of several magazines in the publishing group. After working in research for many years, including for Sports Illustrated KIDS (then at Time Inc.), Madeline’s work segued into trade and educational publishing and creating literacy programs for children pre-K to high school. She worked for Scholastic and Pearson, developing and editing key literacy programs for students from Pre-K to high school. As a literacy editor, she gained an understanding of the pedagogy of reading and writing.

Madeline has written parenting columns in for a range of clients, including Scholastic Inc., New Jersey Family Magazine, and Grolier. Her blog,, is loaded with simple tips for parents and caregivers to help cultivate a love for reading in very young children.