Oakland Book Distribution with Mathical, Oakland Literacy Coalition, & Bookelicious

Bring Me a Book is proud to announce that 42 Title I schools and organizations including classrooms, libraries, and extended learning programs in Oakland, California received sets of 10 Mathical Book Prize titles in grade-level bands, and a book cubby in which to store the books. A total of 130 sets of books was distributed

National Consortium: Year Two

In the fall of 2021, the Bring Me a Book National School Consortium launched an action research study to determine the necessary personal, social, and environmental factors that help children develop a sustainable reading routine in a school setting. Access to BooksOur goal is book abundance—children need access to books (and lots of them) wherever

Texas Teachers Book Grants – Applications Open Now!

Applications are now open for the Texas Teachers Book Grant! Bring Me a Book’s mission is to help ALL children develop a healthy reading habit with support in the classroom, community and at home. We believe that when we help all children thrive through the joy and power of reading, we leverage literacy to create

Patagonia Palo Alto Book Launch

August 14th, we had the great pleasure of tabling at a book launch at the Palo Alto Patagonia store. Children listened to a bilingual reading of Patagonia’s new book, Better Than New / Mejor Que Nuevo. We look forward with continuing to work with Patagonia in new ways. View and Download our curated environmental book

Afghan Book Distribution

Bring Me a Book is partnering with East Coast nonprofit mEducation Alliance to distribute 5000+ children’s books in Dari and Pashto to Afghan refugee populations in California through our Bring Me a Book programming. We are currently working to partner with even more local Afghan refugee support organizations.

More Books, Fewer Toasters

By Gabriella Lundy and Chloe Mendoza Where love grows, abundance follows. On July 3, 2022, Jan Half and Sharyn Saslafsky celebrated their nuptials in an original way: instead of receiving gifts, they invited their guests to support local organizations they are passionate about. One of these organizations was Bring Me a Book. When asked why

Book Abundance, Book Joy, and Membership in the Literacy Club

By Maria Nichols Learning – all learning – is inherently relational and social. Famed reading researcher Frank Smith drew from this foundational understanding to craft the metaphor of a “literacy club”, creating both a vision and a goal for children’s literacy learning (1987). Children’s nurturing into the literacy club begins long before formal schooling as

Bring Me a Book Literacy Innovators Forum: Librarians Live!, May 11, 2022 @ 7:30pm ET

Join K.C. Boyd, Cicely Lewis, and Julia Torres for an inspiring and invigorating talk about the future of libraries in the lives of young readers. Click here to register for the event.

Bring Me a Book Literacy Innovators Forum: Radical Listening, April 13 2022 @ 7:30pm ET

When each reader and writer’s ideas and identities are given equal airtime, a classroom can become a democracy of thought. Dan Feigelson, Cornelius Minor, and Lynsey Burkins will explore concrete strategies that center our literacy instruction on the ideas, experiences, and potential of the individual students in front of us. Click here to register for

Bring Me a Book Literacy Innovators Forum: Libraries as Liberation, 3/16/22 @ 7:30pm ET

Libraries should be the heart and soul of a classroom, a school, a community—Gholdy Muhammad and Julia Torres explore the history and the current status of our most critical literacy resource—our libraries. The Literacy Innovators Forum is an online presentation of ideas, insights, and innovations related to literacy, language, and learning — moderated by school

Healthier Kids Partnership Announcement

Healthier Kids Foundation is excited to announce its partnership with Bring Me a Book, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization founded in 1997 by middle school English teacher turned CEO, Judy Koch. Bring Me a Book helps all children thrive through the joy and power of reading— leveraging literacy to create a more humane and hopeful world for