Bring Me A Book National Collaborative

The Bring Me a Book National Collaborative comprises Literacy Champions, who represent a national network of literacy experts— reading researchers, scholars, and expert practitioners, including teachers, administrators, and school librarians. Together they form a “literacy brain trust.” Our Literacy Champions offer the highest quality professional development—across a wide range of topics—from family engagement to support for multilingual learners to the art of the read aloud—helping us sustain the work we do. They are both catalysts for community literacy in their own communities as well as professional supporters of existing efforts in other communities. In other words, our Literacy Champions lend their professional support to help extend, refine, and sustain community literacy projects across the states.

Our mission is founded on the belief that reading benefits not only the individual reader, but also, humanity as a whole. The benefits of reading—superior analytical thinking, an expanded vocabulary, social-emotional strength and resilience, leading to a greater ability to overcome adversity—create a literacy ecosystem that ripples across humanity.

Avid readers are more likely to become civically engaged citizens who care about each other, our nation, and the world, and who are better prepared to improve conditions for us all. And now, more than ever, we need creative thinkers. There is no more powerful way to engage the imagination—and unleash the power of innovation— than through books. To create the equitable solutions for the future, we need to grow a nation of readers today.