Community Partners

Rotary Partnership Programs:

Book Cubby Family Engagement Workshop:

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By partnering with our local public libraries—and community businesses, nonprofits, and schools—Bring Me a Book helps all children, particularly those in under-resourced communities, develop a joyful, sustainable relationship with reading.

  • Families engage with their local public library, acquire library cards, and learn about the literacy resources available to them, all free of charge.
  • Each child acquires a book cubby, which then serves as the child’s home library inspiring pride of book ownership and establishing the child’s identity as a reader.
  • Children decorate and personalize their book cubbies with their family’s help.
  • Each child chooses three books for their home libraries; book choice helps children consider their own favorite authors, book topics, genres, and formats—and choose the books that match their personal interests. Children are twice as likely to read the books that they choose themselves.
  • Children develop a confident relationship with their local public library and also, in their own homes, establish a home library. Their book cubbies serve as a safe place to keep track of both the books they own and the books they borrow from the library.
  • Children are on their way to developing a lifelong love of reading

Afghan Book Distribution:

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At Bring Me A Book we want to help all children become lifelong readers. We believe that our immigrant and refugee children need access to culturally responsive books so they can see themselves—their language, culture, and stories—in the books they read. As our Literacy Champion Dr. Don Vu writes, “ If we are serious about empowering all of our students, we need to ensure that the stories they read in our schools reflect them and their importance in society.”

With this in mind, and in response to the Afghan refugee crisis, we have partnered with Tony Bloome, of mEducation Alliance, to distribute 5,000 paperback books written in Dari and Pashto to organizations that serve Afghan refugee children in Northern California.


Speaker Appreciation Book Program:

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The Bring Me a Book Speaker Appreciation program was developed for service clus as a means of recognizing guest speakers at their regular meetings. Clubs adopt a local under-resourced classroom, from preschool through third grade, to receive the books that the club orders through the Bring Me A Book Speaker Appreciation Collection available online at Bookelicious. Club members deliver the books to an organization or agency that serves children in under resourced communities such as school and public libraries, medical clinics, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the like.

Access to Books:

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We harness the power of reader agency, identity, and book choice through Bookelicious together with book access—in home, classroom, school, and public libraries—to create a virtuous cycle of book abundance. In this way, we bring the joy and transformational power of books children choose themselves and love best.