Research Rounds Ups

Ethnographic research that helps us ascertain under what conditions children grow, learn, and thrive is the research we need. Ethnographic research also enables us to counter deficit stories — particularly of students from non-dominant communities.

Our Research Round-Ups aim to showcase decades of reliable reading research to support you in your goals—as an educator, family member, or caring citizen working to improve the literacy lives of our youth—to help all children become joyful, avid readers who bring passion, skills, and a critical eye to every reading encounter. In this way, our children might grow to exemplify and embrace the words of Myra Cohn Livingston, poet and author, who wrote: “Books have more than changed my life—they have made it possible.” The following resources offer research to support you in your work to promote literacy for all children.

The Power of the Read-Aloud
Books in the Home: Fact Sheet
Oral Language Learning and What It Reveals About Human Learning by Brian Cambourne
Supporting Readers by Diane Stephens
Pleasure Reading by Stephen Krashen