Book Access Partners


Libraries level the playing field. They are our “literacy equalizer” and “social safety net”  (Farmer, 2021) because they are open to all, and offer the resources we need to live, learn, and thrive.   

Access to books and academic success go hand in hand. High-achieving schools tend to have rich and extensive library collections—staffed by professional librarians—and more students who
read frequently.

Indeed, research known as the “school library impact studies” has consistently shown positive correlations between high-quality library programs and student achievement (Lance & Kachel, 2021). Data from more than 34 statewide studies demonstrates that in schools with strong library programs, students score higher on standardized tests, meet academic standards, and enjoy higher graduation rates.

School and public libraries are often our source of the most extensive collection of books in our communities, curated and cared for by those most knowledgeable—professional librarians! We work with partner organizations that share our mission to promote the joy and transformational power of books and reading.

  • Bookelicious: Feed Your Read

    Bookelicious blends research on reading motivation, expert curation by teachers and librarians, and personalization enabled by artificial intelligence, to match readers with books they truly want to read. works like a personal librarian, matching readers with a curated collection of topic-specific, high-quality, age-appropriate books at the right level of difficulty. The site makes recommended books easily accessible by offering them for sale as well as linking to local libraries. Bookelicious has also developed special tools for teachers, students, and parents/caregivers that encourage deep engagement with the site and track students’ reading progress, including fun, book-themed games, and activities. This level of home-school integration has become even more vital as schools incorporate distance learning into their programs. Bookelicious also offers special collections that celebrate diversity and promote social-emotional learning, to meet the needs of educators and families.

    Here are the features that make Bookelicious unique and powerful:

    Personal relevance

    Bookelicious recommends books on topics that kids are excited about. Children who find reading materials interesting are more motivated to read, and they read with greater comprehension.


    Bookelicious offers a multitude of books that satisfy each reader’s individual interests. Offering students a choice increases their time spent reading and empowers them by enhancing their sense of being “in charge.”

    The highest-quality books

    Our expert network of teachers and librarians guide our recommendations, as well as user-generated popularity ratings. Every book featured on Bookelicious has been curated by an educator.


    The Bookelicious bookmojis are highly personalized avatars with their own special pets and accessories that enable users to express their individuality, convey information about their interests, and engage with a community of readers. Our unique bookmojis encourage repeat visits from users and allow for a deeper level of personalization. Students love using the site and teachers are reporting a greater interest in reading among their students.

  • DREME : Development and Research in Early Math Education

    We partner with the DREME network to promote early math learning, birth through eight, through access to books. DREME has identified picture books that can be used to directly address key math topics. We select books that are recommended by DREME for early math learning. The DREME Storybook Guides are intended to help foster children’s literacy, math vocabulary and mathematical thinking. The DREME website also includes extensive resources for teachers and parent educators.

  • First Book

    First Book is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides new books, learning materials, and other essentials to children in need. Since its founding in 1992, First Book has distributed more than 200 million books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children in under-resourced communities.

    First Book works closely with leading businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to promote equal access to quality education for children in need.