Pat Dragan

Playing the Book: A Way for Children to Build a Bridge to Literacy


 Pat is a career educator, from Grade K–University. She has taught first grade, credential classes in literacy at California State University, San Francisco, and children’s literature and art workshops at the University of CA, Santa Cruz Extension. She has written and illustrated five trade books for children, including The Kid’s Cookbook: Yum! I Eat It! — with Rosemary Dalton. She has also written four professional development books for teachers, published by Heinemann: 

  • Literacy from Day One 
  • Everything You Need to Know to Teach First Grade 
  • The How-to Guide for Teaching English Language Learners in the Primary Classroom 
  • Kids, Cameras, and the Curriculum 

Pat partnered with Lois Bridges, Executive Director of The Bring Me a Book Foundation, to co-author The Bring Me a Book Read Aloud Guide (Bring Me A Book, 2010). 

Pat now mentors new teachers through the California State New-Teacher Induction Program.